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Learning Partner.

At be radical we’re excited to build community while building knowledge. We believe the best learning is social, and the most creative work is done through collaboration. To build more of that into our lives (and yours), we offer the Learning Partner Program as a unique opportunity to work with the be radical team and our wider community.

We’re growing a community of business leaders who want to build a radically different future. We’re helping to seed that future by sharing our latest research, best practices, actionable insights, and access to a cross-disciplinary range of like-minded learning leaders and industry experts. The Learning Partner Program is your ticket to join us for a lifetime of conversation, exploration & creative inquiry.

Erik Asgeirsson

Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, CPA.com

“Our year-long collaboration with Pascal and the be radical team far surpassed expectations. They are tremendous learning partners that understand going beyond thought leadership and awareness is necessary in order to advance innovation in business. The research, tools, and new business model frameworks curated will enable our own organization, as well as member firms, to prepare for the future.”

CPA.com (the business and technology arm of the AICPA) engaged be radical as a research and development partner to support the organization in preparing the profession for a future that will be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. Over the course of one year, be radical delivered numerous keynotes, facilitated workshops and developed business models and planning frameworks specific to the CPA profession. Further, be radical worked closely with the organizations’ leadership team to support several key innovation initiatives, including a major $40 million business transformation project.

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How it Works.

All our clients enjoy a community membership including:

  • Highly interactive, live online learning exchanges with Pascal Finette and the be radical team
  • Intimate, conversational Q&A sessions with a curated selection of experts from our network
  • Access to our archive of proven learning tools & resources capturing our research findings and transferable strategies
  • Invitations to our monthly virtual Open Coffee hours where we come together to spark new connections and share diverse perspectives on issues in business, technology, leadership & more
  • An invite to be radical‘s private WhatsApp group where the team welcomes you into our conversations, debates, brainstorms & furious link swaps
  • Beta-testing access to new learning experiences and frameworks we are developing
  • Introduction to the global Learning Partner Network to exchange ideas and connections with like-minded leaders and problem-solvers