Get ready to FutureFWD Yourself.

FutureFWD You.

Take Control of the Future.

Learn from be radical experts Pascal Finette and Jeffrey Rogers how to understand, contextualize and navigate the future.

The FutureFWD (“Future Forward”) program is the latest next-level learning experience from be radical. Armed with unique insights, frameworks and a practical toolbox for futures-thinking and leading in complex environments, you will leave the program inspired, empowered and equipped to create a radically new future.

Join the FutureFWD November Cohort, a 3-week intensive learning experience designed for business professionals. Packed with learning and connection with your fellow participants – you will get:

  • Six highly interactive, live online learning sessions
  • Fieldwork assignments and debriefs to deepen your learning and make new connections between sessions
  • Plenty of time after each session for discussion with your instructors
  • Community Exchange sessions where we’ll connect you with the larger be radical community
  • Unlimited access to our online courses and the recordings of your live online sessions
  • Supplemental reading materials, podcasts & videos, and template worksheets
  • Lifetime access to our Learning Partner program (including the archive) to continue your learning journey
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What you will learn.

Join the three-week FutureFWD program, where you will:
  • Learn about the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business
  • Discover the fundamental shifts in markets, explore the best innovation models and spot new opportunities
  • Create your company‘s core and edge innovation/disruption strategy
  • Develop an exponential and abundant mindset
  • Become a practical futurist, spot weak signals and make accurate predictions about the future
  • Apply the accelerated innovation method (AIM) to create better solutions faster
  • Navigate complexity, manage polarities, explore adaptive practices and expand your exponential leadership edge
  • Design a compelling vision for your future and learn how to use the power of story to create change within yourself and your organization
  • Extend and deepen the conversation through a lifetime membership to our unique Learning Partner community

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Who Will Benefit

Future FWD is specifically designed to help leaders, founders and their organizations understand, contextualize and navigate the future. You know that the decision-making environment and business landscape are rapidly evolving. We will support and accelerate your organization’s transformation with proven strategies, practical tools and frameworks & a new conceptual vocabulary for communicating your vision of change.

Ellen Herb

“Pascal and Jeffrey and the be radical team manage to turn a random group of international leaders into a learning community in no time. Afterwards it's like having been on a school trip! You had an intensive time with a bunch of great people and amazing experiences that shape you. The FutureFWD program shapes your business and if you want it to, you as a leader as well. And when it’s over you have the blues.”
Ellen Herb, Managing Director, Ellen Herb Learning & Development


The live online classes will be hosted in a secure Zoom room. You will receive a personal welcome and onboarding kit upon signup, regular communication throughout the program, as well as join our private Slack course community.

Live Online Session #1
Futures Orientation: New Signals & New Connections

In this opening session, we introduce a set of core concepts for futures thinking, explore some of our favorite foresight tools and practices, and lay the groundwork for group collaboration and envisioning.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • Cone of Uncertainty
  • Weak Signals
  • Disruption Mapping

Live Online Session #2
Disrupting Disruption

In this session, we take a critical look at the dynamics of disruption within industries and organizations, complicating the consensus narrative and identifying new points of agency and intervention for the incumbent organization and its leaders.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • 3 Forces/4 Horsemen Firm Failure Checklist
  • Pre-mortem
  • Core/Edge Model

Live Online Session #3
Sensemaking, Complexity & Convergence

Taking a broad perspective, we extend the foresight work from the previous session to bring emerging risks and opportunities into focus and begin to make sense of an increasingly interconnected and complex future – with specific focus on the unique pressures that a world of accelerating change and rising uncertainty exerts on incumbent firms and their leaders.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • Strong Signal Canvas
  • Problem Typology
  • Phase Change Model of Disruption

Live Online Session #4
Building for Adaptability & Continuous Transformation

This session focuses on a critical strategy for unlocking adaptability and thriving under a paradigm of continuous transformation – something most organizations aren’t designed for or ready to embrace. We explore the tensions and mindtraps that hold them back and a set of principles and practices to unlock new capabilities.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • Polarity Mapping
  • Chaordic Organization Model

Live Online Session #5
Becoming a Learning Leader

The new world needs a new type of learning leader. In this session, we unpack the most effective ways of doing and thinking amid uncertainty, and we identify models and processes designed to expand creativity, focus curiosity, and drive rapid learning for the team and the individual leader.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • Question Generation
  • Accelerated Innovation Method (AIM)
  • Double-Loop Learning

Live Online Session #6
Prototyping Your Future (Self)

In our closing session, we take the prototyping mindset and apply it to (re-) designing self and story as we embrace the project of becoming today the leaders that tomorrow will need us to be.

Sample Tools & Frameworks:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Future Narrative Flywheel
  • Doubt Club

Additional Resources & Tools
  • Lifetime access to the Learning Partner program (including the full archive of program resources)
  • Unlimited access to our online courses
  • Community Exchange sessions
  • Reading materials, worksheets and field work

Program Design.

The Future FWD program has been designed for maximum engagement and actionable learning oriented toward valuable takeaways and tangible outcomes. We build for memorable, “sticky” experiences in the program and practical next steps for our participants to take between sessions and after the course to apply learnings and drive further discovery. Our innovative, human-centered instructional methods create best-in-class live online learning experiences.

Our methodology comes from our core beliefs about learning:

We believe that digital learning should be awesome. We’ve been a digital, distributed organization from the start, and when we moved our programs to be digital-first, we saw an exciting opportunity to make them not only more accessible, but also more interactive, more flexible, and more varied. We saw the opportunity to incorporate new modalities and new tools and to challenge widely held assumptions about the limits of digital learning. We love an active chat, facilitated whiteboarding, breakout discussions, live polling, and collaborative group work, and with two leaders in our sessions, we keep the energy high and the participants deeply engaged.

We believe in collaboration and co-leadership. Our learning experiences are conversational and dynamic by design. They begin as a partnership, and with two leads, we start from a place of exchange, trust, generative questioning, and reciprocity. We DON’T do “lectures”, and we DO bring to the experience the same things we want to see from our participants to make the most of our time together. We want you leaning into the program and excited to jump in with questions and comments.

We believe in learning by doing. Our programs are highly interactive and participatory, and our learners are active participants in the session–not a passive audience. Our sessions are spaced to allow time for reflection and application. The doing, in our view, is essential. If you don’t do, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you don’t change. And if you don’t change, you don’t adapt.

We believe in building knowledge while also building community. We convene groups of like-minded business professionals who bring unique perspectives and experiences from all over the world. We create a richer learning experience by fostering new connections and leveraging multiple alternative perspectives in every conversation. Our learners join the network and gain not only new insights but new thought-partners as well.

We believe in extending the experience. Your learning journey doesn’t end with the last class session. We’re building a community of learning and practice that we invite our program grads to join and co-create on an ongoing basis. You’ll find that the radical network is an active community that offers plenty of opportunities for continuous learning and thought-partnership for the future.

Lina Angelov

“A fantastic course that really helps shift one’s mindset in the direction of generating possible futures, providing tremendous food for thought for different aspects of work and life. What resonated most were two things: the sharing of stories around ways to approach innovative ideas, but also challenges, in a range of creative ways. This conversation has been hugely engaging to have not only with Pascal, Jeffrey and Jane, but also with the wider group of participants. It is fascinating how sharing experiences across seemingly unrelated environments and industries can be so relatable. And secondly, the huge bonus for the practically-minded among us are the tools that can help navigate key concepts such as Complexity or Disruption Mapping. Thank you be radical team for designing something so relevant, engaging and fun!”
Lina Angelov, Innovation Lead, KPMG Mexico

Meet Your Instructors.

Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

Pascal is Co-Founder at be radical, EY’s wavespace Advisory Board Chair, member of the Digital Advisory Board at Pearson, board member and advisor to various startups and the co-founder of The Coaching Fellowship. Previously he held leadership positions at, Mozilla, and eBay, built technology startups, launched a Venture Capital firm. He is the posse leader at, and is a general upstart when it comes to creating meaningful change.
Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey is Principal Learning & Facilitation at be radical. Jeffrey is passionate about lifelong learning and designing unique learning experiences that build knowledge while also building community. He’s been a top-rated facilitator and moderator of executive education programs and international summits at Singularity University and has been featured as a guest lecturer and workshop leader at UC Berkeley Haas, the Hasso Plattner Institute at Stanford, and the Empowerment Summit at ECAL in Lausanne.

Join a radical Network.

Our participants are a global and diverse community of executives from Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. They are start-up entrepreneurs and family-owned business leaders.

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Conscious Capitalism
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Comments from previous FutureFWD participants.

Rocío Holzer López

Rocío Holzer López, Cofounder, FRANCISCANA Innovation Studio
“The FutureFWD program has made me see the future with new and more open eyes. It equipped me with helpful tools to manage complexity, navigate uncertainty, and spot new opportunities. Above all, it inspired me to ask better beautiful questions that lead to action and change. I loved the meaningful conversations with Pascal, Jeffrey, and the other participants. And I feel grateful that now I can have these deep conversations with all the Learning Partner community.”

Morten Kristensen

Morten Kristensen, CEO, Enactlab
“FutureFWD is an ideal format for a fast and fun course to get inspired and informed on the trends shaping our business world today. The participants are a truly global group of people, bringing different perspectives to the topics from all corners of the world. But it's the team at Be Radical that really makes the difference. They bring so much passion, energy and expertise, that you can't help feeling inspired af 3 weeks of intense learning.”

Jessie Woelke

Jessie Woelke, Cofounder, NoPlanetB
“When I think of be radical, the word that immediately comes to mind is ‘generous’. They are generous with their knowledge, generous with their time and certainly generous in their support. I signed up for a course but I have found a constant source of experience, stimulation and exchange.”

Hao Lam

Hao Lam, Founder & CEO, Best in Class Education Center
“FutureFWD is a great virtual course for anyone who is fascinated by, wants to visualize, and ready to navigate future trends, especially regarding technology. After taking the course, I developed new ways of thinking: from sensemaking to continuous transformation. The course made me rethink the current stage of my business, learn how to continue “disrupting” our way to success, and get ahead of the competition by figuring out market (trends) and have a plan to get there. I especially appreciated the session on becoming a ‘learning leader’. That and many other segments have proved invaluable to myself and my team.”

Matyas Kovacs

Matyas Kovacs, Cofounder, futurehain
“Forget Zoom fatigue when it comes to Pascal and Jeffrey, who have managed to create a compelling mix of individual tracks and group activities in an exponentially engaging digital learning atmosphere. FutureFWD will make you want to tune in and come back for more.”

Stacey Brewer

Stacey Brewer, CEO, eAdvance
“An enlightening masterclass on how new technologies and digital are impacting the future of business. I left with the abilities to ‘drive’ into the future as opposed to be a passenger along for the ride!”

Navin Valrani

Navin Valrani, CEO, Arcadia Education
“To make well-informed strategic choices, leaders must understand how current trends will inform the next fifty years. This program gives us a real insight on future trends and how to develop the mindset to be able to spot opportunities that will arise from them. It is a must do for organizational leaders.”

Sithembiso Khumalo

Sithembiso Khumalo, Co-Founder, LePDTa
“This programme has been profoundly impactful to me and my business. Jeffrey and Pascal did a great job of distilling everything down into actionable insights. Network expansion is the cherry on top. I highly recommend it.”

Remo Siciliano

Remo Siciliano, Managing Director, Immersant
“FutureFWD left me with a clear understanding of what I need to do, how to put it into practice and a solid foundation to start from. It was the most valuable program I’ve done, changing the way I think about the future and how I engage with it.”

Salim Dewji

Salim Dewji, Event Chair, YPO Gold Africa at Large
“Truly outstanding! This dynamic duo delivered immediate take-to-work value.”