Disrupt Disruption.

Four years of research. Hundreds of in-depth interviews.
All wrapped into one program to turbocharge your transformation.

Jorge Paulo Lemann

I'm a terrified dinosaur…

I've been living in this cozy world of old brands, big volumes, nothing changes very much, and you could just focus on being very efficient, and you'd be okay, and all of a sudden, we are being disrupted in all ways.

— Jorge Paulo Lemann, Co-Founder 3G Capital

Disrupt Disruption.

The popular stories about disruption, retold countless times, consistently fail to identify the true underlying forces leading to the demise of former market leaders. And when we get the stories wrong, we risk learning the wrong lessons from recent history and missing critical opportunities to enable real transformation and unlock sustainable relevance for our organizations.

In our Disrupt Disruption workshop, we call bullsh☠️t on the popular narrative and offer a holistic view of the dynamics of disruption. Drawing on hundreds of exclusive interviews with successful innovators and leaders of incumbent organizations that have weathered paradigm shifts in their industries, we provide a perspective-shifting, practical framework to support a new understanding of disruption along with battle-tested principles to redefine organizational strategy and personal leadership and seize a preferred future.

The deep dive Disrupt Disruption workshop is an experiential learning program built around our exclusive content — delivered via a series of mini-keynotes — and focused interactions designed to deepen your learning through collaboration and discussion exploring exactly how the challenges and solutions we describe apply to your business, products, and people. Your team will leave the program with a fresh perspective on digital transformation and a detailed understanding of how to shape a radically different future for your organization.

Who It’s For.

The Disrupt Disruption workshop was designed specifically for executives, senior leaders, and operators of successful (but vulnerable) incumbent organizations and offers immediate value for rising entrepreneurs as well. The ideal cohort size is 15 – 35 participants, but we can modify the program to support groups outside that range upon request.

George Constantinescu @ ATCO

be radical’s program is the best remote learning experience I have ever participated in. I consider the content to be essential to anyone who is seeking a path to sustainable relevance in an exponentially evolving future. Pascal, Jeffrey, Jane and the rest of the be radical team deliver deep, practical insights in an easy to absorb and fun to learn way. An unreserved recommendation.”

George Constantinescu
Chief Transformation Officer, ATCO Group

What It Does.

We DON’T offer easy answers, but we DO share everything our research has taught us about what works in the field and help you apply it to your organization and industry. This workshop draws a bright line between allowing the future of your business to be something that happens to you versus something that you take an active role in shaping to your advantage, and we invite you on the hard but essential journey to the other side.

Each cohort emerges from our workshop equipped with the “field guide” we co-create through the program that brings together all of our curriculum, insights, frameworks and supporting materials along with the captured analyses and outputs generated through each collaborative interaction of the workshop.

Additionally, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the State Change Model of Disruption to their own industry and understand the implications across the value chain
  • Identify how the forces that define State Change Disruptions enable new entrants and disadvantage incumbents in their market — and what to do about it
  • Recognize each of the key obstacles that prevent successful firms from reinventing themselves and realizing a preferred future
  • Discover the key insights and actions successful innovators and disruptors apply consistently in their work and how they can be adapted to your organization
  • Define and apply each of the core organizational and personal leadership tenets for unlocking continuous transformation and sustainable relevance
At be radical, we’re excited to build community while building knowledge, and continuing the learning long after a program has wrapped up. All our clients enjoy a free, unlimited membership to our exclusive Learning Partner Program. Learn more about the program here.

Disrupt Disruption Mural

The Research.

Disrupt Disruption’s insights are based on a four-year-long (and ongoing) research project by be radical. Starting with a two-year exploration into the fundamental forces shaping disruption and the resulting challenges for incumbent organizations, which led to the development of the unique and highly practical State Change Model of Disruption, the team spent the last two years performing hundreds of in-depth interviews with the most successful innovators and disruptors across industries and geographies.

Challenged by Andy Billings, Head of Creative Profitability at Electronic Arts, who, in one of our first interviews, said: “[Is it] really possible to be planful, thoughtful, effective, well organized, and linear in managing disruptive change? When you talk to the people on the front lines, they will tell you that it doesn’t look like what it is being described as in the books”, we set out to find out what the strategists and operators at the frontlines do to be successful in today’s world.

The result is a unique body of work, distilling insights from our practitioner interviews, numerous conversations with experts, and careful literature research into a practical, highly applicable framework for transformation and sustainable relevance.

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The Disrupt Disruption Program will cover unique insights, frameworks, and a practical toolbox for successfully navigating transformation and disruptive change.


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