be radical’s Field Guides Are Here


Hi Friend,

I hope my email finds you well, safe and healthy today. While we were snowed in over the last couple of days here in glorious Boulder, Colorado, we extended our ever-growing toolbox of free resources we make available to our wonderful community of practical futurists (you!).

Check out our new Field Guides on Jeffrey’s marvelous Question Generation Workshop and our double whammy on Signal Spotting and our very own Strong Signal Canvas. They add to our existing Field Guides on MAP Decision Making, The Common Agreement and Jane’s lovely audio course on “Introduction to the Exponential Era.”

You can find all our Field Guides here:

Check them out, use them in your business and share them with your colleagues. And while you are at it, check out our other free resources: From Online Courses, to the Video Library, our #FutureThing, and The Heretic (my biweekly newsletter and Podcast on leadership in exponential times).

Which other resources would you like to see from us?

Have a fantastic week!

Warmly, P ツ and the be radical team