Lessons learned from our inaugural FutureFWD Program


Dear Friend,

About a week ago we wrapped up our inaugural FutureFWD Digital program – two weeks chock-full of learning, exploration, fun and camaraderie! Here are a couple of my personal “lessons learned” and highlights:

  • The idea of “disruption is yours to lose.” People tend to believe they get disrupted by an external force, and that is true. However, it is ‘only’ true if you let that happen. When you are conscious of market forces and move to drive your organization toward the future, disruption is something you control.
  • Putting aside the enormous human tragedy that is COVID, the pandemic accelerates many inevitable futures and thus opens up a huge number of future opportunities. Learning to listen to weak signals and having the tools and frameworks to assess their likely impact becomes paramount.
  • FutureFWD is a holistic program. Not something you hear much about in the ‘futures’ learning and development space. We focus on helping you think about the future in the context of yourself, your organization and the greater global community. We call this focusing on ‘self, other, world’, and we believe all three areas are key to building a positive future.
  • Participants in our last program came from 13 countries! So many varied and fascinating perspectives were shared in our global radical community.

We are excited to run FutureFWD again next month and registration is now open – needless to say: We would love to have you be part of this journey!

Program Dates: October 5th – 17th 2020

I want to learn more!

You will be inspired, empowered and equipped to create a radically new future!

Take good care, and keep on staying safe,

— Pascal and the be radical Team

FutureFWD is a one-of-a-kind learning journey based on our highly acclaimed in-person program. The two-week intensive program will arm you with unique insights, frameworks and a practical toolbox for futures-thinking and leading in complex environments. Packed with learning and connection with your fellow participants – you will:

  • Learn about the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business
  • Discover the fundamental shifts in markets, explore the best innovation models and spot new opportunities
  • Create your company‘s core and edge innovation/disruption strategy
  • Develop an exponential and abundant mindset
  • Become a practical futurist, spot weak signals and make accurate predictions about the future
  • Navigate complexity, manage polarities, explore adaptive practices and expand your exponential leadership edge
  • Design a compelling vision for your future and learn how to use the power of story to create change within yourself and your organization
  • Extend and deepen the conversation through a six-month membership to our unique Digital Learning Partner community