Decentralized Innovation & FutureFWD Yourself


Dear Friend,

A few weeks ago we dug deep into the world of Decentralized Innovation in one of our radical Learning Exchanges. In a world of accelerating change, where business models get disrupted daily, and your competition looks nothing like it used to, how do you not only stay relevant but leapfrog forward? The future of innovation today belongs to the crowd who can outperform and outcompete closed systems.

Learn from first-hand experience how to harness the power of decentralized ideas, resources, and skills; how to bridge untapped geographies and leverage innovation at the edges.

Decentralized Innovation Video]( to watch the video!

Speaking about learning — we are running a special promotion on our 2-week live/online FutureFWD program (Jan 11-24).

Join the two-week FutureFWD program, where you will:

  • Learn about the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business
  • Discover the fundamental shifts in markets, explore the best innovation models and spot new opportunities
  • Create your company‘s core and edge innovation/disruption strategy
  • Develop an exponential and abundant mindset
  • Become a practical futurist, spot weak signals and make accurate predictions about the future
  • Navigate complexity, manage polarities, explore adaptive practices and expand your exponential leadership edge
  • Design a compelling vision for your future and learn how to use the power of story to create change within yourself and your organization
  • Extend and deepen the conversation through a six-month membership to our unique Learning Partner community

We sold out our first two editions of FutureFWD – sign up before Dec 1st and get the special “You Are Awesome!” price of $650.

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